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The Limitations of Privacy Rights
work-in-progress (2022)

Privacy Harms
101 B.U. Law Review (forthcoming 2022) (with Danielle Keats Citron)

Standing and Privacy Harms: A Critique of TransUnion v. Ramirez
101 B.U. L. Rev. Online 62 (2021) (with Danielle Keats Citron)

ALI Data Privacy: Overview and Black Letter Text
68 UCLA Law Review (2021)

The Myth of the Privacy Paradox
89 George Washington Law Review 1 (2021)

Risk and Anxiety: A Theory of Data Breach Harms
96 Texas Law Review 737 (2018) (with Danielle Keats Citron)

  • selected by the Future of Privacy Forum for its Privacy Papers for Policy Makers award

The Scope and Potential of FTC Data Protection
83 George Washington Law Review 2230 (2015) (with Woodrow Hartzog)

  • selected by the Future of Privacy Forum for its Privacy Papers for Policy Makers award

The FTC and the New Common Law of Privacy
114 Columbia Law Review 584 (2014) (with Woodrow Hartzog)

  • winner of the International Association of Privacy Professionals scholarship award for 2013
  • selected by the Future of Privacy Forum for its Privacy Papers for Policy Makers award

Reconciling Personal Information in the United States and European Union
102 California Law Review 877 (2014) (with Paul M. Schwartz)

  • selected by the Future of Privacy Forum for its Privacy Papers for Policy Makers award

Privacy Self-Management and the Consent Dilemma
126 Harvard Law Review 1880 (2013)

The PII Problem: Privacy and a New Concept of Personally Identifiable Information
86 New York University Law Review 1814 (2011) (with Paul M. Schwartz)

Fourth Amendment Pragmatism
51 Boston College Law Review 1511 (2010)

  • cited by the U.S. Supreme Court in Carpenter v. United States, 138 S. Ct. 2206 (2018)

Prosser’s Privacy Law: A Mixed Legacy
98 California Law Review 1887 (2010) (with Neil M. Richards)

Rethinking Free Speech and Civil Liability
109 Columbia Law Review 1650 (2009) (with Neil M. Richards)

Data Mining and the Security-Liberty Debate
74 University of Chicago Law Review 343 (2008)

“I’ve Got Nothing to Hide” and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy
44 San Diego Law Review 745 (2007)

Privacy’s Other Path: Recovering the Law of Confidentiality
96 Georgetown Law Journal 123 (2007) (with Neil M. Richards)

The First Amendment as Criminal Procedure
84 New York University Law Review 112 (2007)

  • reprinted in The First Amendment Handbook 2007-08 (Rodney Smolla ed.)

A Taxonomy of Privacy
154 U. Pennsylvania Law Review 477 (2006)

The Multistate Bar Exam as a Theory of Law
104 Michigan Law Review 1403 (2006)

A Tale of Two Bloggers: Free Speech and Privacy in the Blogosphere
84 Washington University Law Review 1195 (2006)

A Model Regime of Privacy Protection
2006 U. Illinois Law Review 357 (2006) (with Chris Hoofnagle)

Fourth Amendment Codification and Professor Kerr’s Misguided Call for Judicial Deference
74 Fordham Law Review 747 (2005)

Melville’s Billy Budd and Security in Times of Crisis
26 Cardozo Law Review 2443 (2005)

Reconstructing Electronic Surveillance Law
72 George Washington Law Review 1264 (2004)

The Virtues of Knowing Less: Justifying Privacy Protections Against Disclosure
53 Duke Law Journal 967 (2003)

Can Pragmatism Be Radical? Richard Posner and Legal Pragmatism
113 Yale Law Journal 687 (2003) (with Michael Sullivan)

Identity Theft, Privacy, and the Architecture of Vulnerability
54 Hastings Law Journal 1227 (2003)

Digital Dossiers and the Dissipation of Fourth Amendment Privacy
75 Southern California Law Review 1083 (2002)

Conceptualizing Privacy
90 California Law Review 1087 (2002)

Access and Aggregation: Public Records, Privacy, and the Constitution
86 Minnesota Law Review 1137 (2002)

Privacy and Power: Computer Databases and Metaphors for Information Privacy
53 Stanford Law Review 1393 (2001)
   • written about in New York Times, Kafkaesque? Big Brother? Finding the Right Literary Metaphor for Net Privacy (Feb. 2, 2001)

The Darkest Domain: Deference, Judicial Review, and the Bill of Rights
84 Iowa Law Review 1393 (1999)

Postures of Judging: An Exploration of Judicial Decisionmaking
9 Cardozo Studies in Law & Literature 173 (1997)

Faith Profaned: The Religious Freedom Restoration Act and Religion in the Prisons
106 Yale Law Journal 459 (1996)

Fictions About Fictions
105 Yale Law Journal 1439 (1996)

Book Chapters

The Meaning and Value of Privacy
Social Dimensions of Privacy: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Beate Roessler & Dorota Mokrosinska eds. 2015)

Radical Pragmatism
in The Cambridge Companion to Pragmatism (Alan Malacowski ed.  2013) (with Michael Sullivan)

Speech, Privacy, and Reputation on the Internet
in The Offensive Internet: Speech, Privacy, and Reputation (Martha Nussbaum & Saul Levmore, eds. Harvard University Press 2011)

Bedeuten soziale Netzwerke das Ende der Privatsphäre?
Public Life: Digitale Intimität, die Privatsphäre und das Netz (Hrsg. von der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung ed. 2011)

The New Vulnerability: Data Security and Personal Information
in Securing Privacy in the Internet Age (Chander, Radin, & Gellman eds., Stanford University Press 2008)

A Brief History of Information Privacy Law
in Proskauer on Privacy (Christopher Wolf, ed. 2006) (updated 2017)

The Digital Person and the Future of Privacy
in Privacy and Identity: The Promise and Perils of a Technological Age (Katherine Strandburg, ed., Kluwer Academic Press, 2005)

The Origins and Growth of Information Privacy Law
— 748 PLI/PAT Fourth Annual Institute on Privacy Law 29 (2003)
— 828 PLI/PAT Sixth Annual Institute on Privacy Law 83 (2005) (updated version)

Shorter Works

Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins: When Is a Person Harmed by a Privacy Violation?
Geo. Wash. L. Rev. On the Docket (May 19, 2016)

The Ultimate Unifying Approach to Complying with All Laws and Regulations
19 Green Bag 223 (2016) (with Woodrow Hartzog)

The Gawker-Hulk Hogan Case Shows Not All Truth Has the Same Value
New York Times Room for Debate (Mar. 18, 2016)

Don’t Kill the Password. Change the Password
Wired (Sept. 29, 2015) (with Woodrow Hartzog)

Privacy by Design: 4 Key Points
Privacy in Germany (PinG): Datenschutz und Compliance 191 (Sept. 2015)

Should the FTC Kill the Password? The Case for Better Authentication
14 Bloomberg BNA Privacy & Security Law Report 1353 (July 27, 2015) (with Woodrow Hartzog)

Preface to Alan Westin, Privacy and Freedom
(2015 edition)

Defining ‘Personal Data’ in the European Union and U.S.
13 Bloomberg BNA Privacy & Security Law Report 1581 (Sept. 15, 2014)
(with Paul M. Schwartz)

The FTC as Data Security Regulator: FTC v. Wyndham and Its Implications
13 BNA Privacy and Security Law Reporter 621 (April 14, 2014) (with Woodrow Hartzog)

The FTC and Privacy and Data Security Duties in the Cloud
13 BNA Privacy and Security Law Reporter 577 (April 7, 2014) (with Woodrow Hartzog)

5 Myths About Privacy
Washington Post (June 13, 2013)

HIPAA Turns 10: Analyzing the Past, Present, and Future Impact
84 Journal of AHIMA 22 (April 2013)

HIPAA Mighty and Flawed: Regulation has Wide-Reaching Impact on the Healthcare Industry
84 Journal of AHIMA 30 (April 2013)

United States v. Jones and the Future of Privacy Law:
The Potential Far-Reaching Implications of the GPS Surveillance Case

Bloomberg BNA Privacy & Security Law Report (Jan. 30, 2012)

PII 2.0: Privacy and a New Approach to Personal Information
Bloomberg BNA Privacy & Security Law Report (Jan. 23, 2012)

Why “Security” Keeps Winning Out Over Privacy (May 31, 2011)

Gainful Employment: A Privacy Black Hole?
Inside Higher Ed (May 26, 2011)

Why Privacy Matters Even If You Have ‘Nothing to Hide’
Chronicle of Higher Education (May 15, 2011)

Dizzied by Data
The Chronicle of Higher Education (August 29, 2010)

The Meaning and Value of Privacy
OPEN Magazine (2010) (article published in Dutch)

Preface to William J. Cuddihy, The Fourth Amendment: Origins and Original Meaning 602-1789
Oxford University Press (2009)

The End of Privacy?
Scientific American Magazine (September, 2008)

The Future of Privacy
American Libraries Magazine (September 2008)

Understanding Privacy
BNA Privacy & Security Law Reporter (September 2008)

Data Privacy and the Vanishing Fourth Amendment
Champion Magazine (May 2005)

Privacy in the Digital Age: Information-Age Privacy Concerns Are More Kafkaesque Than Orwellian
The Chronicle of Higher Education (December 10, 2004) at B6

United States v. Miller
entry in the Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties
(Paul Finkelman, ed. 2006)

California v. Greenwood
entry in the Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties
(Paul Finkelman, ed. 2006)

Privacy Torts
entry in the Encyclopedia of Privacy
(William Staples, ed. 2006)

Reasonable Expectation of Privacy
entry in the Encyclopedia of Privacy
(William Staples, ed. 2006)